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Teaching you the highest quality Malaysian Silat

Silat is the generic term used to describe the martial arts of Malaysia, South Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, and the Southern Philippines. In Indonesia it is referred to as Pencak Silat, and in the other countries as Seni Silat. It is called penchak or pencak or pentjak silat; in some places silek, in some gayong. They are all terms for the same thing.
Silat is a comprehensive combat art covering all ranges from weapons to ground fighting. Because the art is all encompassing, it has been described as a "Jack of all Trades". It has the power of Karate and Thai boxing with the sensitivity of kung fu; the locks and throws of Ju jitsu with the weapons arsenal of Escrima, plus special

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Tel: 01582721531

12 Reasons why young people should learn martial arts:

1. Its FUN
2. In each lesson there is something for everyone
3. Provides a fantastic role model
4. Develops motivation
5. Rewards determination
6. Reasonably priced
7. Makes you fitter and healthier- can help lose weight
8. Make new friends
9. Respect others
10. Teaches self-defense and awareness, so improving your safety and the safety of those around you.
11. Improves your concentration for work and studies.
12. Teaches you respect for you your body and others.

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Silat is mainly a family art, so if you join our silat class, you become one of the family.

We wan to teach you help you learn and develop as people, just like a member of the family. You wouldnt hold back your children would you? so in silat the term for student is anak murid.. anak means child, murid is student.
Our aim is to create an environment of Martial and personal excellence,
through innovative training and support, where all our members can
maximize their talents in all aspects of their lives. We work to help build your
confidence and self esteem. Any one can join, from the ages of 7 – 70. It can
benefit everyone, making them stronger physically and mentally. Training is as strenuous and fun as you want it to be! Our classes are now held twice weekly, on a pay as you go basis, or if you can commit to the training, you can also pay monthly. We do not have expensive uniforms, or equipment. Please see our classes page for venue, times and prices.

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Do you want to be able to fight like Jason Bourne?

SILAT -a martial art that is known amongst martial artists and fighters as one of the best self defence systems around. It can help you achieve fantastic fitness, confidence, power, security and respect!

This training is MUCH more satisfying than paying crippling gym fees in the time of the credit crunch.

YOU just need a willingness to learn and to work hard!!

Our classes offer SO MUCH MORE!!

As well as teaching this devastating unique art, we also incorporate some amazing boxing drills like some of the best boxers in the world, and also the latest High Intensity Interval Training H.I.I.T) in our programs. This will ensure YOU get fitter, leaner, and stronger as well as more able to defend yourself.

So if you want to train hard, fight like these guys and feel FITTER STRONGER LEANER and MORE CONFIDENT, come visit our classes, or sign up for our accelerated training program


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What People Say

"Amazing oppotunity"

Guru Glenn

Lobo Academy of Malaysian Martial Arts - Martial Arts Classes in Luton

About Us

In 1999 Guru Glenn received the HIGHEST GRADE EVER AWARDED to a non Malay in silat lincah, from the hands of the current Prime Minister of Malaysia

In our academy, we focus on teaching skills needed for becoming a good martial artist, while also stressing the attributes that make you a rounded, and more balanced person.

Our principles are based on HUMILITY, , RESPECT, dignity, LOYALTY, BROTHERHOOD, AND FRIENDSHIP.

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