I have been training in M.A.s solidly since 1981 and have always associated Silat with the name Glenn Lobo. In an effort to find unique skills, I attended a seminar with Glenn and I was not disappointed. I got a training DVD and was invited on his instructor course. The Accelerated Instructor Programme is held one Sunday each month in Luton (although I know Glenn is also willing to travel to spread Silat). It consists of approximately 8 hours of training, covering both traditional Silat and more contemporary practical applications. Glenn teaches a few styles within Pukulan Langkah Mati, namely Silat Lincah, Pukulan, Gayong and Sapu Jagat as well as Kickboxing drills. He has a transparent syllabus that progresses up through the Black belt degrees. I am very fussy about who I will learn from but I found Glenn's teaching style to be both friendly and pragmatic. The pace of the training is aimed at experienced Martial Artists who are (or intend to be) instructors. Training is extremely enjoyable and we always come away from it with plenty of great material to practice. He has always been on hand to give encouragement, advice and guidance on my training. Silat training with Glenn Lobo has definitely given my Martial Arts the "kick in the pants" we all need. I teach M.A.s in Devon, so it is nearly a 500 mile round trip for us to attend this course. It is that good.
David McGoldrick
Korean Martial Arts Academy Ltd.
Torquay, Devon.
Glenn is a very knowledgeable instructor, who makes his class extremely enjoyable with good humour and hard work making each visit the highlight of the week. He teaches at all levels of competency and blends different groups together seamlessly, so that no one feels treated differently. It is a real world focused art, so what you learn from day 1 is immediately relevant to modern life, not just from a defensive point of view but also helps increase focus, positivity, breathing, posture and demeanour. Years of teaching experience mean you learn quickly and effectively. A truly life changing experience that beats traditional gyms hands down.
Have you heard of Guru Glenn Lobo? The most dedicated and skilled Seni Silat Lincah warrior I have ever met. He trained my Cigu Christopher Bogaerts, and took me in the 90's to Malaysia to get in touch with Maha Guru and Cigu Jo. Furthermore of his talented skills and charismatic personality, he also inspired me in a way that Seni Silat Lincah never left my heart and mind. I especially enjoyed the exceptional training sessions in Luton and the exchange trainings in Breda with our Silat Pukulan Madura colleagues. Still dreaming to reconnect with this passion of mine, and meet up soon with Glenn & Christopher. Thanks for all your kind and respectable street skills and life lessons you have taught me! Wishing you and your loved ones, also on this commercially overrated day, all the best.
— Marc Audiens
Pak Glenn Lobo is a combat Silat instructor specialising in effective and proven self defence strategies and techniques Pak Glenn's experience includes training with Jak Othman.. Richard Debords.. Hj. Omar din.. Pa. Flohr..and also in Lightning Arnis with a Master trained by the legendary Ben Lema..Paduka has taught in several countries in Europe. Students trained by Paduka Glenn include members of the Australian Pencak Silat Team and Australian representative athletes from Australian Football, Gridiron and Power-lifting. Paduka Glenn's students have worked in high threat operational environments and include members of Australian and NATO militaries deployed to Afghanistan, Sinai Peninsula and the African, Middle East and South East Asian areas of operations. Paduka Glenn has trained regional security advisers in Africa and Asia with responsibility for diplomatic security on behalf of Commonwealth governments and close personal protection specialists who have provided close personal protection for senior military officers including heads of intelligence agencies and members of national security committees. Guru Glenn has personally trained defensive tactics instructors from Australian Military Police and Corrective Services and Military Counter Intelligence and Force Protection Officers. A dynamic and practical instructor Paduka Guru Glenns tactics and techniques are proven effective and utilised by law enforcement and military personnel who have no margin for error