The Wolf Theory…
6th January 2020

Seminar’s Coming Soon…

As part of our process for bringing silat to a wider audience, we are very pleased to announce our first 2 seminars of 2020. 
On the 18th Jan 2020 we will be teaching Silat in Wales for the first time! Host will be Gus Rogers of the Heads of the Valleys Tang Soo Do in Avergavenny. (UNFORTUNATELY THIS HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO A FAMILY BEREAVEMENT)
In February we will be heading to Nottingham to revisit the wonderful peolpe at Mantis Kickboxing.. Sat Feb 15th we will be bringing the different aspects of silat- weapons, striking drills and close combat self defence orientated silat.
We will be putting their contact details up here nearer the time, but mark the dates in your diary!! Silat is coming closer to YOU!

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