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15th November 2019
Silat Explained
12th February 2020

The Wolf Theory…

I love wolves. It helps that my surname means wolf, so they have always intrigued me. They are beautiful, ferocious and clever. One thing they are able to do is bring down animals much larger than themselves. 
In martial arts or self-defence this is important. Think about it- in a mugging or street fight, no one is going to attack you if they think they are going to lose. So they will attack you hard and fast. So you have to decide if you want to be a wolf, or a deer!! They will often be bigger than you. Ladies listen up.. SILAT was created and developed around the idea of OVERCOMING A BIGGER OPPONENT!! 
I am often the smallest guy in the class when training, so I have had to ensure that my techniques allow me to deal with bigger, heavier and stronger opponents. We developed my style for this very purpose.. But more on that later..
So what to wolves do? They tire out their prey first. If someone is tired they are less strong, less able to run after you and less able to defend themselves- so maintaining a level of FITNESS is important to just be able to outlast them, that's the place to START. 
Silat has a saying "Cover the face; HIT the base!".. If you want to take a tree down, you take it own from the bottom.. RIGHT? 
If you want to stop someone running after you you take out his legs, then you can WALK away, and not need to run. 
One of my teachers used to say if you took the best boxer in the world and tied his legs together, he wouldn't be anywhere near as good. So in Silat we use footwork to position ourselves better to put our opponents at a disadvantage, AND we attack their legs so they are less able and willing to follow us. 
Is this starting to make sense? 
Some martial arts have the fancy high kicks and spinning kicks and are really acrobatic and athletic. And that's fine. It really is. I love them and wish I could have done them. But in a fight, they are not what you want to be doing most of the time. Kicking someone in the legs, or shins or ankles will slow them down. Sweeping them to the floor, or in front of a bus, will slow them down more.
What it needs is an understanding of leverage, forces and body mechanics. This is the area in which Silat excels.
I rarely want to grapple with someone bigger than me, and ladies, you probably don't want to do that either, but some simple techniques to off balance and hurt an opponent that, with a bit of training are almost guaranteed to work might be helpful? 

To get the techniques right may take a lot of time generally, but we work at teaching it to you quickly. But this is turning into an essay so I'll let you get back to your day, and will catch up with you later in the week. 

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