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Silat Martial Arts develop devastating fighting skills for self defence- the combat art of South East Asia.

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About Glenn

Paduka Glenn Lobo, Founder of The Lobo Academy of Martial Arts, has a lifetime of knowledge and experience in the world of Martial Arts. Practising the art since he was just ten years of age, travelled across South East Asia to train with some of the greatest Masters, and competed in numerous World Championships, Glenn has since become the established Malaysian Silat instructor across the country and Europe.


Paduka Glenn was first introduced to Pencak Silat by Jak Othman in the mid-1980’s, who was then the only person teaching Silat in the UK. Later having trained in Holland with the leading Pukulan expert in Europe, Pa Flohr, Glenn was certified to incorporate these fighting techniques into his own style that formed the foundation of Pukulan Langkah Mati.

Why Lobo Academy?

Paduka Glenn Lobo, founded The Lobo Academy, will share his extensive knowledge and experience to teach you all the necessary skills required to become a great martial artist, ensuring classes are challenging, disciplined and most of all enjoyable.

Here at The Lobo Academy we can guarantee a totally unique fitness experience that will enhance both your physical and mental health by…

  • Improving flexibility, endurance and strength;
  • Providing an environment to de-stress and re-focus;
  • Developing self-confidence;
  • And broadening your social circle;


All whilst learning valuable self-defence skills to better protect yourself and your loved ones should you ever need to.

From age 16 upwards, our Club is inclusive to everyone, irrespective of gender, ability, class, colour or creed. By joining The Lobo Academy, you will become a valuable member of our community.

If you’re interested in our membership programme, then browse the website for further information and get in touch today. We would love to hear from you!

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