South East Asia has a range of the most deadly fighting arts in the world. And YOU want to learn them right?

Silat is one of the most effective martial arts on the planet. Its why so many people want to learn it, and incorporate it into their systems. What about if you had a system that was JUST silat?

The problem may be that you’re already a black belt so dont want to spend years learning to punch, (who has the time?!) or like most people you dont HAVE a teacher near you. Another problem I have encountered is that some teachers wont teach you properly if you are from XXX or you arent the right religion. I remember doing wing chun and a guy who had joined 2 years after me was better than me in about 2 months. He was Chinese and was taught better and possibly things I wasnt. Frustrating right? I realised I wanted to improve that fast, but you need someone to teach you decode the system for you and lay it out. I wanted someone to explain it to me.

I was aware about silat after seeing it in some books, so when I saw 
a teacher in the UK I RUSHED at the chance to train with him, trained with him at every opportunity, and then attended his first Instructor training program in the UK.

Being one of the first group to train silat in the UK, I was incredibly lucky. I was taught genuine traditional techniques and the art, and then when we went to Malaysia for the World Championships I was introduced to some of the best silat people in the country.

They also taught me openly and honestly, teaching me freely and ensuring I learned the correct art. You KNOW there are people who INTENTIONALLY withhold parts of their art, as well as some who dont have the genuine article as well? RIGHT? People have a simple art with a few techniques and forms, but they create more forms and more techniques to KEEP STUDENTS and keep you paying. They make their art complicated difficult esoteric so making it difficult to master.

Do you really want to waste your valuable time with these guys? Silat and Pukulan, are about being effective and efficient, so I teach you in a manner that is meant to be both effective and save you time in learning not 1 not 2 but 3 Silat styles.

have spent time waiting for one instructor to turn up, sitting in the snow outside his house because he was unreliable, and flaky and then you realise not even the genuine article. I DONT WANT YOU to have to go through the same struggles I went through. I had to travel to Holland to train with the best Europe had to offer, and flew to Malaysia to train with their last great Maha Guru. YOU DONT HAVE TO DO ALL THAT.

I have taken the 3 styles I have been allowed to teach, condensed them, structured the syllabus, interconnected the systems so they become ONE fluid style. I want you to learn, understand and TEACH my art. For that, I need you to understand it quickly, train it easily, and then be able to communicate it easily to others, in simple chunks of information.


I am Paduka Guru Glenn.
I have been studying martial arts since 1973, running through everythign that was available at the time, Judo, TKD, Aikido, Wing Chun, JKD, finally settling in Silat and Arnis.

I have been teaching silat since 1986, first silat Gayong Harimau, then Silat Lincah, and now more recently my own development of Pukulan Langkah Mati.

If you have got this far, you probably know too much about me already! But briefly, I was one of the first people to learn silat in the UK; the first person to travel to Malaysia to learn silat; the first person from the UK to compete in the World Championships; the first non-Malay, non Muslim to be allowed to learn and teach silat Lincah; the first UK Referee for the World Silat Federation PERSILAT; the first UK Representative to PERSILAT; I was appointed Ketua Jurulatih Kanan (Chief Instructor for Silat Lincah) for Europe, and Wakil Maha Guru (Representative Of the Maha Guru); the only person Appointed by the Maha Guru Of Silat Lincah as representative for Silat Lincah in Europe; Authorised to teach Pukulan. ( Thats most of it!)

Some people look to continuously learn NEW things, and thats great. What I have done is sought to go deeper and understand MORE about what I already know, so having access to 3 styles gives me some breadth in silat, I have worked to understand more about how and why we do what we do. All of my styles have influenced me, and they help me understand each other!

I am also an osteopath and acupuncturist and have lectured in Sports Science, so understand the workings of the human body and the mechanics of movement which brings a whole new dimension to training. I also talk like a normal person.. No esoteric garbage, no jargon, no cult following, so I understand things and communicate and explain things in a simple easy to digest manner. And this is where the course takes one of its many st

As a busy father, practice owner and dutiful son, time is a precious commodity, with so many calls on my time. So I get it!!

I created this course so that I can help YOU learn the amazing art of silat, take your syllabus and knowledge to a new level, and help you expand your possibilities.

Whether on the Instructor course in person, or online, THIS course is the definitive guide to learning Silat in and FOR the modern world.

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Who is Paduka Guru
Glenn Lobo?

Paduka Glenn Lobo is The Founder and Chief Instructor at the Lobo Academy. He started training in martial arts at the age of 10 studying Judo, Taekwondo, and Aikido, before moving to London, and starting Wing Chun and then Silat.

Glenn has been privileged to train with some of the best martial artists in Britain, and others around the world.

In Wing Chun, Glenn trained with Austin Goh, and Nino Bernardo. He has attended seminars with Cass Magda, Guro Dan Inosanto, Abner Pasar, Master Jon Escudero.

 In Silat, Glenn started training with Jak Othman who was the pioneer of Silat in Britain. Glenn has also trained with Richard de Bords and was awarded an instructor grade with both of them. When Jak organised a team from Britain to attend the 4th World Championships, in Kuala Lumpur, Glenn was appointed as his representative and assisted him. After the competition, Jak left Glenn to train with another group of Silat instructors, and that was when he was introduced to the art of Silat Lincah.

Having trained in Holland with arguably the foremost expert in Silat or Pukulan in Europe, Pa Flohr, of Pukulan Madura, Glenn was given permission by Pa Flohr to include Pukulan into his style, and this caused the genesis of Pukulan Langkah Mati.

Over the years, Glenn attended and competed in 3 World Championships, 3 European Championships, Singapore Open, and Thai Open Championships, and was 4th in the World Championships, and 3rd in the European Championships. He was also the first British International Wasit/juri (referee). 

Paduka Glenn has been teaching Silat in Britain and throughout Europe since 1986, and is THE person for you to train with and learn the genuine realistic fighting arts of Malaysia.

Paduka Glenn has been the leading figure for Silat in Britain since 1987, and has appeared in many magazines, books, and even on tv. He was the British Representative to the World Silat Federation from 1987 -1994 and is a member of the British Council of Kali Escrima Arnis Instructors. 

As well as studying and teaching 4 penck silat styles, Glenn is also a fully qualified instructor of Lightning Scientific Arnis. Grading and training with Master Shaun Porter, Glenn also received his certificate from Mang Ben Lema, the founder of the system. Arnis is the martial art of the Phillipines, and Lightning is recognised as one of the more powerful styles. Mang Ben had a fearsome reputation for both his ability and the power of his system.

Guru Glenn is the foremost Malaysian Silat practitioner in Europe, and around the world. He has travelled to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore to train at source, with some of the greatest Pencak Silat masters.

While having this sort of pedigree isn’t important for your “what do I do on a Thursday night” or “pencak silat near me” Martial arts class, If you want to learn genuine Silat, with a known provenance- not a YouTube created “Pencak Silat Master” – then you couldn’t do better than Paduka Guru Glenn!

What is Pencak Silat?

Pencak Silat is a South East Asian combat art that has existed for several hundreds of years. It combines numerous Martial Art movements and the use of weapons into one unique style. Formerly described as Pertikaman, which means ‘to stab’, Pencak Silat primarily focuses on self-defence techniques, as well as embodying other spiritual, sport and art elements.

There are four major styles of this art in Malaysia – Seni Gayong, Silat Cekak, Silat Gayong Fatani and Silat Lincah. Paduka Glenn Lobo has combined aspects of the two main styles – Seni G and Lincah styles and developed them into his own, named Pukulan Langkah Mati. In order to master this style at The Lobo Academy, you must first learn the basic strike techniques before grasping the methods of Buah Pecahan. These are much more comprehensive as they involve flowery, artistic yet technical counter-attacking movements.

If you want to learn the skills to safeguard yourself against possible danger, or rather just looking to mix-up your exercise regime, then head over to our programme page for more information on our classes. 

There are 4 major styles in Malaysia:

  • Seni Gayong Malaysia
  • Silat Cekak
  • Silat Gayong Fatani
  • Silat Lincah. Lincah means fast. It is a fast moving, aggressive art.

Classically there are 4 aspects to Silat:

  • Sport- Ohlaraga
  • Art- Seni
  • Self Defence- Bela Diri
  • Spiritual- Ilmu Kebatinan

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